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Anonymous asked:

can i request pom gets wifi icons please?

{ ✿ };; “Hum, it’s gonna be hard to found some icons but okay!”

Anonymous asked:

can you make chiaki nanami icons?? thank you in advance !!

{ ✿ };; “Oki dokis!”

could you do Viola from "the witch's house"?

{ ✿ };; “Sureee!”

Anonymous asked:

kotori itsuka from date a live, please?

{ ✿ };;”Yep yep yep!”

loliofhope asked:

{ Hello! Could you make some icons of Hoshimiya Ichigo from Aikatsu? Also, your icons are really wonderful and I love them! >w< }

{ ✿ };; “Of course, cutie. Ow, thank you very very much!”

Do you mind making some Doraemon icons for a project I'm working on?

{ ✿ };; “Of course, why not?”

Anonymous asked:

¡Buenas! ¿Podrías hacer a Mikasa Ackerman, de Shingeki no Kyojin?

{ ✿ };; “¡Por supuesto, criaturita!. Tratare de tenerlos listos lo mas pronto posible


Some sock-opera icons



Count: 169 ( 100x100 )

( No need to credit, but likes and reblogs are appreciated. And please, do not claim them as your own. )

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sweggie-bro asked:

(If you're taking requests) Could you make some icons of Shizuka Minamoto from Doraemon? :o

{ ✿ };; (i'm always taking requests(?)) ¡sure,darling!”

Sena Kashiwazaki [ 32 icons + 10 gif icons ]

{ ✿ };; As requested. Credit is not required, but appreciated! please like and/or reblog this post if you take some, i’m not the artist ( but the icons are mine~! )

{ Character };; Sena Kashiwazaki

{ Manga/anime };; Haganai

{ Icons and size };; 32 icons + 10 gif icons( 100x100 )

—-Request from;; Anonymous




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